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Foshan Green Building Material Technology.,Ltd is located in the hinterland of the pear river delta,which is close to the Nanhai District of foshan,Guangzhou. Our company is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of mobile metal houses, space capsules, apple cabins, mobile restaurants, tourist homestays, aluminum veneers, aluminum ceilings, aluminum honeycomb panels, hyperbolic panels. It integrated design, production, sales and installation of one-stop services. The company has advance and hig-precision sheet metal production and processing equipment for aluminim curtain wall product. Our factory since ists inception, has always adhered to the business philosophy of quality market expansion, honesty and brand creation, forge ahead, actively innovate, standardized operation, so the tha rapid development of enterprises. Through the unremitting efforts of all staff. In order to create famous brands, improve the visibility of enterprises and establish the image of enterprises, in the spirit of all the prusuit of high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose.

Prefab Capsule House Factory

Our Team

Foshan Green Building Material Technology.,Ltd has 35 designers, 10 engineers, 28 sales teams, 20 production managers and more than 230 production staff. We always adhere to the company philosophy of “scientific management, continuous improvement, innovation, checks at every level and customer satisfaction”. Progress comes from relentless effort. Achievements are reflected in the trust and recognition of customers. With the ever-changing technology in this field, we advocate teamwork, look forward to the future of the company, work hard, innovate constantly, move forward, and create a quality brand.

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Brand Core Competitiveness

Prefab Capsule House Factory

Modular architectural design, flexible assembly and disassembly

Low cost and short construction time, it can be delivered in various scenarios and realize the real modular installation design; No foundation, no terrain restrictions, two hours of landing installation.

Prefab Capsule House Factory

Own raw material factory, 30 days overall prefabrication

Aluminum shell raw material production and manufacturing, the whole industry supply chain management system; the first in the industry to use ERP, MES production management execution system.

Camp planning, design, manufacturing, after-sales one-stop service team

Starting from the actual needs of customers, closely combined with the market, and strive to refine the program and maximize the profits of customers without spare effort.

Prefab Capsule House Factory

After-sales commitment for 10 years, service scope all over the world

After-sales commitment, all products are guaranteed for 10 years, and the professional after-sales service team solves after-sales problems.

Product Advantages

Prefab Capsule House Factory

  • High-tech smart micro-hotel, breaking the traditional homestay thinking, fashionable;
  • No foundation, no terrain restrictions, go deep into the hinterland of the scenic spot, and install within 2 hours;
  • Customized on demand, 30 days of production and manufacturing in the workshop;
  • Ecological and eco-friendly, no plants or trees will be destroyed, and the landform will be restored after demolition;
  • Independent research and development of ultra-low water, electricity, and heating energy consumption systems to cope with resource-scarce scenic spots;
  • Super thermal performance, the minimum adaptability to -30 ℃ environment;
  • Whole house intelligent system, experience the charm of technological life, environmental protection and energy saving, sun protection and heat insulation, mosquito and insect protection;
  • Cost-effective single accommodation cabin, with controllable scale and short payback period.


Determine basic conditions and plans Customers order products

The professional design team of Apple Cabin will design and plan the project site, according to user needs and budget, adjust measures to local conditions, and accurately position.

Factory schedules to start production projects and carry out basic construction

According to customer needs, arrange the factory production line for production, and at the same time inspect the project site, communicate and coordinate with customers, and carry out basic construction.

Pay the final payment, factory delivery

The basic construction of the project is completed, and after the customer pays the final payment, the product is shipped from the factory and goes to the project site.

Installation completed and customer acceptance

After the installation is completed, the customer checks the effect and is satisfied.

Production Base

The production base has a professional technical team of more than 200 people. The total usable area of the factory is 25,000 square meters and has passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification. With its superior geographical location and fast delivery and assembly time, Yinneng is committed to providing Customers provide comprehensive, high-quality, economical and convenient ordering services.